What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. The staff at General Mitchell and their students are excited about making learning more fun and engaging! Students are given opportunities to use content knowledge and skills in ways that are fun, practical, and applicable to the real world.


Incorporating STEAM concepts into our school’s curriculum is important given that the kinds of jobs in our future will have some, if not all, of the components of a well rounded STEAM curriculum. Researchers have found that about 5 million STEAM jobs will be left empty in the coming years because our future workforce will lack the skills necessary to keep up with the demand!  What an opportunity for our students!

General Mitchell’s main goal in adding a STEAM component to our curriculum is to give our students exposure to hands-on, engaging curriculum, that challenges them to think critically and creatively and to communicate and problem solve with others.

We know not every child will grow up to become a scientist, engineer, or designer, but we need everyone to grow up knowing how to think as one. With General Mitchell’s STEAM initiative, we can really make sure that students are ready for their future and can tackle the challenges head-on!